MBT 250

Terms and Definitions

Process Guides that cover specific component applications for assembly, rework and repair. These are searchable by installation/removal, component type, and handpiece or system used.

Process guides covering basic knowledge such as tip selection, tip preparation, land preparation, etc.

Addresses critical maintenance and troubleshooting steps to keep you and your equipment working at top performance and efficiency.

The MBT 250 has been the work horse of the rework and repair industry for well over a decade.  With over 45,000 field installations, no other system has proven itself with the endurance and reliability that is experienced by MBT 250 owners.  The MBT 250 is available in 3 handpiece configurations and as a stand alone system that you can purchase the handpieces you want separately.  If you are interested in the next generation or upgrading to a system where PACE's patented TD-100 Thermo-Drive soldering iron included, please see the MBT 301 or MBT 350 Rework & Repair systems. 

Image Product Part Number
MBT 250/E-SDTP 8007-0206
MBT 250 SDT 8007-0547
MBT 250 SD 8007-0203