ST 300 Low Cost Hot Air Reflow System

Terms and Definitions


The ST 300 can be used to remove any SMD and for installing components that can be positioned manually. The ST 300 is a self-contained system with analog (dial) controls for temperature and airfl ow. The heavy-duty, durable metal housing ensures years of service and the sloped face of the front panel is a standard feature for ease of use. Other ST systems can be stacked on to the ST 300 to preserve bench space. Both cycle start and vacuum functions are activated with conveniently located switches on the handpiece. The ST 300 features the Quiet-Flo turbine for close to silent operation. Additionally, the system comes with the Lo-Flo pump and the vacuum wand (PV-65) for manipulating components manually. The capabilities of the ST 300 can be greatly enhanced when coupled with the ST 500, ST 525, or ST 550.  Optional Nozzle Storage Rack 6019-0072-P1, holds 13 nozzles.

120 V Part #: 8007-0427
230 V Part #: 8007-0428
  • Lockable Temperature Airflow adjustment knob
  • Automatic shut off for safety
  • Functional LED Indicator lights on front panel
  • Quiet-Flo turbine blower reduces operating noise
  • Hi-Flo Vacuum Pump for holding component securely
  • Lo-Flo Vacuum Pump for component wand
  • UnitST 300
  • Power Requirements197-253 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 575Watts max.
  • Temperature ControlClosed loop temperature control
  • Temperature stability° 9°C (° 15 °F) at idle tip temp.
  • Temperature Range176°to 482°C (350°to 900°F) nominal
  • Airflow5-22 slpm