PACE to Showcase New TF Series of BGA Rework Systems at IPC APEX 2019 in Booth #2809

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Jan 21, 2019

TF Series of BGA Rework Stations

Vass, NC – Jan 21, 2019 – At IPC Apex 2019, PACE Worldwide will showcase their new TF Series of BGA Rework Systems. The TF1800 is designed for standard board sizes of up to 12” x 12”, while the TF2800 is for extra large, high mass PCB’s up to 24” x 24”. The TF1800 will be on display at our booth (#2809) and will be available for live demonstrations. Both systems incorporate similar features including a groundbreaking top-side Inductive-Convection heater. The unique, newly-patented Inductive-Convection heater technology provides rapid heat-up and active cooling of the solder joint, resulting in faster throughput and greater process control. The Inductive-Convection technology allows for an active cooling feature, which provides swift, yet controlled component/PCB cool down, directly through the nozzle, yielding the highest quality joints. Its high efficiency, low thermal mass design takes far less power to operate and is more reliable than conventional heaters. An automated reflow head is driven by an advanced stepper motor, which provides smooth, high precision, repeatable movement, with no drift, allowing for soft landing of components and 30µm (0.0012”) placement accuracy. In addition, an advanced vacuum pick/shaft design is counterweight balanced to eliminate placement pressure on components and uses precision high temperature linear ball bearings for highest sensitivity in placement & pick-up. PACE’s exclusive adjustable height bottom-side IR preheater allows the operator to get closer to the PCB for the most challenging high thermal mass boards. Other features include an HD vision overlay system for optical alignment with quad-field imaging capability for alignment of outsized BGA’s or large fine-pitch QFP’s; integrated underside board support to prevent sagging during reflow; and fourth generation software guides operators through an intuitive interface that virtually automates the process. For more information on the TF1800 or TF2800, please visit our website at