ST 350 Convective Rework Center

Terms and Definitions


The ST 350 is the ultimate in cost effective, programmable, convective rework equipment.  No other system on the market at the same price level can compete! The system is completely self-contained and is capable of installing virtually any type of surface mount component. The system is ideal for service centers, prototyping shops, low volume production or remanufacturing centers that want to purchase a single piece of equipment that can handle just about anything!  

The ST 350 has all of the process control built into the unit and boasts digital controls for temperature, time, and airfl ow. The electronic controls are fully integrated and are simple to use and program to meet your needs, unlike the “off the shelf PID control modules” used on competitive equipment. This means that you can “set it and forget it” instead of being tied to the unit to perform tasks during the process which can be more than 6 minutes long! Your time can be better spent preparing for the next operation than waiting to activate non-intergrated control modules.

From the front panel, the system can be used in either manual or “timed” modes.  Manual mode means that the system generates airfl ow when the cycle button is pressed the fi rst time. When pressed a second time, the system shuts off.  “Timed” modes allow the operator to set up “Profi les” that consist of time and temperature parameters to ensure process control and repeatability. All of the interface controls for the ST 350 are also located in a remote control box that can be placed on either side of the unit for maximum convenience to the operator.

120 V Part #: 8007-0437
230 V Part #: 8007-0438
  • Multi-level password lock-out prevents unauthorized changes
  • User definable temperature zone
  • Audible countdown timer for end of cycle indication in the Timed and Program modes
  • Create 4 or 5 zone profiles
  • Store and recall up to 20 profiles (40 with optional software)
  • Quiet-Flo turbine blower offers nearly silent operation
  • On-screen display of parameters (temperature, time) during operation
  • Integrated PCB holder with micrometer adjustments.
  • Power Requirements197-253 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 575Watts max.
  • Temperature ControlClosed loop, digital temperature control
  • Temparature Stability° 9°C (° 15 °F) at idle tip temp.
  • Temparature Range176°to 482°C (350°to 900°F) nominal
  • Airflow5-22 slpm