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Chip Installation PS-90 Point to Point

PS-90 Universal Soldering Iron
PS-90 Universal Soldering Iron
Chip Components
Chip Components

1. Set a tip temperature of 343°C (650°F) for lead-free or 316°C (600°F) for leaded alloys and adjust as necessary.

2. Install 1/16” chisel tip into PS-90 using Tip Tool.

3. Position component ensuring proper lead-to-land alignment. Hold component in place using the tweezers. (A)

4. Apply flux and tack solder one side. (B)

5. Apply flux to both sides to be soldered. (C)

6. Clean tip using Tip & Tool Stand sponge. (D)

7. Position chisel tip on lead/land area. Apply solder to side of lead/land areas to form proper solder fillet. (E)

8. Re-tin tip with solder. Return PS-90 to its Tip & Tool Stand.

9. Clean if required, and inspect.

PACE SensaTemp® or Intelliheat® Power Supply

PS-90 Universal Soldering Iron

Chisel or Conical Tip (See Chart on Back)

Tip Tool


Flux-cored Solder