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Chip Installation CT-15

CT-15 ConducTweez
CT-15 ConducTweez

1. Pre-fill pads with the desired amount of solder paste. (A)

2. Position component near pad area. (B)

3. Set desired output level on the SMR or PRC 2000 Power Supply. NOTE: Start with a low output level and increase gradually until desired performance level is reached.

4. Gently grasp component with the CT-15. (C)

5. Place component in contact with the pre-filled lands. (D)

6. Depress foot pedal to activate the SMR Power Supply.

7. Observe solder melt.

8. Gently release component, allowing the surface tension of the molten solder to position and hold the component. (E)

9. Clean if required, and inspect.

PACE SMR® or PRC 2000 Power Supply 

CT-15 ConducTweez® Pulse Heat Tweezer 

CT-15 Chip Tip (See Chart on Back) 

Pik & Paste Liquid Dispensing System 

Manual Solder Paste Dispenser 


Solder Paste