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PLCC Installation PS-90 Point to Point

PS-90 Universal Soldering Iron
PS-90 Universal Soldering Iron

1. Set a tip temperature of 343°C (650°F) for lead-free or 316°C (600°F) for leaded alloys and adjust as


2. Install 1/16” chisel tip into the PS-90 using Tip Tool.

3. Position component ensuring proper lead-to-land alignment. Hold component in place using the HandiPik® or tweezers. (A)

4. Apply flux and tack solder opposing corner leads. (B)

5. Apply flux to ALL lead/land areas of the row to be soldered. (C)

6. Clean tip on Tip & Tool Stand sponge. (D)

7. Position chisel tip at intersection of lead and land. Apply solder to side of lead/land area to form proper solder fillet. (E)

8. Repeat step 7 on remaining leads of component. Clean tip as necessary.

9. Re-tin tip with solder. Return PS-90 to its Tip & Tool Stand.

10. Clean, if required, and inspect.

PACE SensaTemp® or Intelliheat® Power Supply
PS-90 Universal Soldering Iron
Chisel or Conical Tip (See Chart on Back)
HP-65 HandiPik®
Tip Tool
Flux-cored Solder