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TSOP Removal SX-100 Flux

SX-100 Sodr-X-Tractor
SX-100 Sodr-X-Tractor

1. Remove conformal coating (if any) and clean work of any contamination,oxides or residues. 

2. Set a tip temperature of 343°C (650°F) for lead-free or 316°C (600°F) for leaded alloys and adjust as necessary. 

3. Install vacuum cup to Pik-Tip® tube using Tip Tool. 

4. Install TSOP Removal Pik-Tip® into the SX-100 using Tip Tool. 

5. Apply flux to all lead/land areas. (A)

6. Remove old solder from tip with Fiber Tool from Tip Maintenance Station. 

7. Thermal shock tip with damp Sponge Tool from Tip Maintenance Station. 

8. Tin inside and bottom edges of tip with solder. (B)

9. Lower tip over component contacting ALL leads with tip. (C)

10. Confirm solder melt of ALL joints, apply vacuum and lift component from PCB. (D) & (E)

11. Release component from tip by wiping on a heat resistant surface. 

12. Re-tin tip with solder and return the SX-100 to its Tip & Tool Stand. 

13. Prepare lands for component replacement. 

PACE SensiTemp® or Intelliheat® Power Supply with Vaccum Capability 

SX-100 Sodr-X-Tractor® 

TSOP Removal PikTip® (See Chart on Back) 

Tip Maintenance Station 

Tip Tool

Flux-cored Solder 



Product Image Dimensions Part Number
A X B: 8.1mm (0.320") x 12.7mm (0.500") 1121-0566-P1
A X B: 8.1mm (0.320") x 19.3mm (0.760") 1121-0567-P1
A X B: 9.9mm (0.390") x 19.3mm (0.760") 1121-0568-P1
A X B: 14.2mm (0.560") x 19.3 mm (0.760") 1121-0569-P1