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This document is a compilation of general and specific information and PACE Process Guides (procedures) and instructional video for the Manual Rework, Repair and Assembly of Surface Mount and thru-hole Components. These Process Guides are based on years of experience of technicians and training experts worldwide representing the best industry and IPC compatible practices. 

As their name suggests, each Process Guide takes the user step-by-step through an installation or removal process for a specific surface mount or thru-hole component using a particular piece of equipment, handpiece and technique. In most cases, there is a variety of methods for removing or installing the same component. Simply select and use the Process Guide which best suits your organization’s individual requirements and operator preferences.  

Industry standards and ISO 9000

For over 50 years, PACE WORLDWIDE (PACE, Incorporated), along with other industry experts, has taken a leadership role in the creation, training of and updates of these standards for the electronic assembly industry. These standards focus on product acceptability requirements such as what characteristics (lead/land alignment, solder fillets, soldering, desoldering etc.) a soldered component and assembly must have to be acceptable.

In contrast, PACE Process Guides take a “how to” approach to manual electronic rework and assembly, and are 100% consistent with the most stringent end-product acceptability requirements, specifications, workmanship and equipment standards as well as procedural guidelines found in the latest revisions of IPC-7711/7721, ANSI/J-STD-001, ANSI/IPC-A-610 and other international standards.

So whatever level of end-product acceptability requirements your organization follows, PACE Process Guides will show you how to get there in a safe, efficient, repeatable process. PACE Process Guides are presented in a concise, self-contained, pictorial form that’s easy to understand and is ideal for helping you document in-house training programs, assembly and rework processes and quality assurance procedures to meet the requirements of your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) or International Organization of Standardization (ISO 9000). We hope that you find the Pace Hand Soldering Manual for Rework/Repair and Assembly of surface mount and thru-hole components a useful document and once again look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions.

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