Circuit Level Repair

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Cir-Kit Repair Kits - A Simple, Low Cost Solution to Damaged Circuitry


PACE Cir-Kit Circuitry Repair Kits are a simple, low cost solution to damaged, lifted or missing circuitry on pc boards, allowing fast repair and modification per IPC 7721. Cir-Kits are available in 7 different configurations and include the necessary tools and accessories to install the included frames or eyelets. Frames are available in a wide variety of land/circuitry sizes and shapes including pads, tracks, traces and runs. Cir-Kit Circuitry Repair Kits provide a practical solution for restoring the operational reliability to damaged assemblies or the means for modifying circuitry as desired.

There are two types of Cir-Kit Repair Kits available: ThermoBond Cir-Kits and Non-ThermoBond Cir-Kits. ThermoBond Cir-Kit frames are pre-tinned (RoHS compliant) on one side and incorporate an advanced thermoactivated dry-film adhesive backing which is hot-bonded in 15 seconds at safe, low temperatures. Non-ThermoBond Cir-Kit frames are pre-tinned (RoHS compliant) on both sides and have no adhesive on them.