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PACE manufactures hundreds of inexpensive, long-life soldering, desoldering and rework tipstips-soldering-desoldering-rework-pace

Highest Quality, Long-Life, Inexpensive Soldering, Desoldering, Rework Tips and Nozzles

PACE manufactures hundreds of replacement solder/desolder tips, heat focusing hot air nozzles, and a variety of accessories for our soldering, desoldering and rework handpieces and systems. Soldering/Rework Tips are made of high conductivity copper, are iron-plated to assure long-life, and tinned with lead-free solder for RoHS compliance. Quick-Connect Nozzles for our TF Series of BGA Rework Systems and ST Series of Hot Air Rework stations are constructed of welded stainless steel and will last for years.

Please use the Dropdown Menu below to select tips and nozzles for the handpiece, system or accessory you are supporting:

8999+++Nozzles for Convective Systems
12542+++Soldering Iron Tips
8988+++Desoldering Tips
12543+++Tweezer Tips
12544+++ThermoPik Tips
12545+++Air Pencil Tip-Nozzles
12546+++SMR/Pulse Heat Tips
12547+++Component Handling Tips
12548+++Machining Tips

TD-100 Tips

The TD-100 soldering iron can be used with a wide range of soldering, surface mount and specialty tips.  

If you are trying to identify your tip, look on the shaft and you will see a series of numbers and/or letters.  The first four digits (Click for image) on the tip are the last four digits of the part number.  

SX-100 Desoldering Tips

SX-100 Desoldering Tips offer the best performance from any desoldering tip. 

SX-100 tips can be used in:

     SX-100 handpiece (Blue and Black Connector Handpiece),  
     SX-90 handpiece (Blue and Black Connector Handpiece), or 
     SX-80 (Yellow and Black Handpieces) fitted with a heater date coded 01/07 or later. 


Tips for the MT-100 MiniTweez thermal tweezer. 

TT-65 ThermoTweez Tips

Tips for the TT-65 ThermoTweez.

Nozzles for TF 1800, TF 1700 and TF 2700

Nozzles for TF 1800, TF 1700 and TF 2700 BGA/Area Array Rework Systems


Tips for the TP-100 ThermoPik Handpiece.  The TP-100 is used to remove QFPs from PCBs.  A vacuum cup is used to lift the part after reflow.  .

TP-65 Tips

Tips for the TP-65 Thermo-Pik

TJ-85 Nozzle Tips

Nozzle-Tips for the TJ-85 Air Pencil

Nozzles for ST 300, ST 325 & ST 350

All of these nozzles require the use of the Universal Nozzle Adapter (4028-0001-P1) which comes with the system.