SX-100 Desoldering Tips

Terms and Definitions

SX-100 Desoldering Tips offer the best performance from any desoldering tip. 

SX-100 tips can be used in:

     SX-100 handpiece (Blue and Black Connector Handpiece),  
     SX-90 handpiece (Blue and Black Connector Handpiece), or 
     SX-80 (Yellow and Black Handpieces) fitted with a heater date coded 01/07 or later. 

They will not fit older SX-80s (Yellow and Black Handpieces) or replacement heaters with the black connector that are date coded 12/06 or eariler.  If you have an older model handpiece you will need ENDURA Desoldering Tips or for BEST PERFORMANCE, Buy a current replacement SX-80/90 Heater and then you can use SX-90 tips!

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