TD-100 Thermodrive Iron Kit with ISB (IntelliHeat)

TD-100 Thermodrive Iron Kit with ISB (IntelliHeat)

Crafted by a team of surgical instrument engineers to eliminate fatigue and improve control, the PACE TD-100 is simply the most ergonomic, powerful and easy to use soldering iron on the market today! The handpiece uses a patented Tip-Heater Cartridge which can be changed in seconds without tools, and most tips heat up within 10 seconds flat! Performance and responsiveness is exceptional, perfect for the most demanding Lead-Free or multilayer soldering. Yet it can also handle the most delicate flexible printed circuits. And most single point tips cost less than $11 (US), far less than Metcal, Hakko, Easy Braid, Thermaltronics, JBC and other tip cartridge manufacturers! Over 100 soldering tip geometries are available as well as over 30 surface mount removal tips. Kit comes with Tip & Tool Stand, with new low abrasive Dry Wipe. For use with IntelliHeat Systems only. Tips sold separately.

  • Features
    Lower Cost: Single point soldering tips for the TD-100 cost under $11 (US). Compare that to the much higher prices of Hakko, Metcal, Easy Braid and JBC tips!
    Accurate, Variable Temperature: Operators are not locked into a single temperature. Again, compare against Metcal, Easy Braid or Thermaltronics, which require a separate (and expensive) tip to be purchased for each temperature desired!
    Quick Change/Fast Heat-up: Can be changed in seconds without tools, and most tips heat up within 10 seconds flat!
    Instantaneous Load Sensing and On-Demand Power: Thermal demand is continuously monitored and the heater responds immediately by providing power to meet the demand from the work, without overshoot.
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    Instant Setback Cubby

    ISB Cubby


    Includes an Instant Setback Cubby which places the iron into Setback Mode after 45 seconds of non-use. SetBack mode means that the temperature is set to just below solder melt temperature so the corrosive action of the leaded or Lead Free solder is stopped, maximizing the life of your tips! The system reverts to normal operation when the iron is removed from the cubby.This significantly extends tip life, especially when working with lead-free solders. The Instant Setback Cubby comes with Sponge, Stay-Moist Well, non-abrasive Brass Wool to clean oxidation from tip and holds up to 6 tips.