IntelliHeat® Technology

IntelliHeat® is the only thermal control system capable of managing multiple types of heating technologies within a single Power Source. There is no longer a need to have multiple Power Sources on your work bench or to force operators to use only one heating technology. Simply plug in any compatible handpiece and IntelliHeat® does the rest.

The IntelliHeat® Control System allows either SensaTemp® or Tip-Heater Cartridge based technology handpieces to be plugged into a single Power Source. Finally, the benefits of SensaTemp® and Tip-Heater Cartridge based technology can be found in a single system, without restriction.

PACE’s legendary SensaTemp® technology is renowned for its temperature stability and ability to handle high mass applications. For smaller components and when through-put is important, there is Tip-Heater Cartridge based technology. Tip-Heater Cartridge based technology is a patented technology that boasts the best response time for high volume applications and easily keeps up in a fast paced environment.

Upgrade your equipment, clear off your work bench and unlock your success with INTELLIHEAT!