AccuDrive™ Soldering Station

  • TD-200 makes continuous production soldering effortless!
  • AccuDrive™ technology in one low-cost tip cartridge

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High-End PACE Soldering Stations including the new ADS200.


Multi-Channel Desoldering & Rework Station

  • Self-Contained, 3-Channel Rework Station Compatible With 8 IntelliHeat Handpieces
  • Comes with the new TD-100A Soldering Iron (8007-0454)

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PACE’s complete line of Desoldering and Rework


IR3100 InfraRed BGA Rework System

  • Featuring a 500W Infrared (IR) Top Heater and a Height-Adjustable 1000W Bottom Preheater.
  • Closed-Loop Temperature Control with the Non-Contact IR Pyrometer.

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PACE BGA Rework Stations including the IR InfraRed units


ST 925 SMT Combo Rework System

  • Includes ST 325 Hot Air Station, PH100 IR Preheater and ST 500A Z-Axis Platform
  • Low Cost Rework System easily handles high mass, thermally challenging PCBS.

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PACE Hot Air & Rework Stations including the ST 925 Combo System


AccuDrive MiniTweez Thermal Tweezer

  • Provides Safe Rapid Removal of Surface Mount Components
  • Multi-Axis Tip Alignment Provide Ultimate Control And Targeting Accuracy

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Handpieces and Tips include the MT-200 AccuDrive MiniTweez

Arm-Evac 150Arm-Evac150

Digital Fume Extraction System

  • All-in-one System comes with SteadyFlex™ Arm and Remote Control.
  • Superior Performance and Capability at a Low Cost.

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PACE Fume Extractor line includes The new ARM-EVAC 150 System