Introducing the ADS200 PLUS!

PACE Worldwide Revolutionizes Soldering Technology with Enhanced Performance and Functionality at No Extra Cost!


As we continue to bring you the best in soldering & rework systems, we’re proud to announce a major update to the ADS200 AccuDrive® System. Starting in the Spring of 2024, the ADS200 will now be called the ADS200 PLUS. Through redevelopment of the entire thermal cycle, from power source to tip-heater cartridge, the ADS200 PLUS is now more responsive when higher thermal demand is required in the soldering process, as well as offering improved thermal recovery.

The ADS200 PLUS provides a glimpse into the future of PACE soldering and rework technology, while continuing to deliver unparalleled performance, efficiency, and versatility.

In a testament to PACE’s commitment to excellence, the ADS200 PLUS is provided to customers at no extra cost, reaffirming the company's dedication to delivering exceptional value and quality.

Key features of the ADS200 PLUS include:

  • Quicker Heat-Up: Experience accelerated heat-up times, allowing users to start soldering tasks promptly, thereby increasing productivity and reducing downtime.
  • Improved Responsiveness at Higher Temperatures: Enjoy enhanced temperature control and stability even at elevated temperatures, ensuring precise and consistent soldering results, especially for high-demand applications.
  • Enhanced Duty Cycle: With improved thermal management, the ADS200 PLUS offers an extended duty cycle, enabling prolonged usage without compromising performance or reliability.
  • Optimized for Higher Mass Applications: Engineered to tackle challenging soldering tasks with ease, the ADS200 PLUS excels in handling higher mass components and assemblies, providing unmatched soldering capabilities.