SensaTemp® Technology

At the heart of SensaTemp® is a laser trimmed, platinum RTD sensor that is more than 5 times more accurate than conven- tional thermo-couples. This level of accuracy allows for safe, productive soldering at the lowest possible temperatures. As a result, the amount of time spent reflowing each joint is reduced, minimizing the possibility of damage. Additionally, SensaTemp® allows you to change tips, heaters and handpieces at will, without ever having to re-calibrate! SensaTemp®’s unique heater design acts as a “thermal reservoir” that minimizes tip temperature overshoot, ensures temperature stability and provides reserve power that can be accessed instantaneously when high mass applications are being performed.

SensaTemp® delivers consistent, repeatable results regardless of the thermal demand of the work. Its ability to respond quickly is ideal for light work, while its amazing thermal capacity can meet the challenges of the heaviest thermal loads, providing the oper- ator with the flexibility that is essential in today’s ever changing environment. Regardless of your application, SensaTemp® delivers unsurpassed thermal performance, productivity and “bottom line” savings.