See PACE in Hall A Booth 500 at Productronica 2019!

See PACE at Productronica!

PACE Worldwide will be exhibiting at Productronica 2019 in Munich Germany from Nov 12-15. We will be located in Hall A Booth 500, co-locted with factronix GmbH, a PACE distributor in Germany. Several new products will be highlighted including the new Arm-Evac 150 Digital Fume Extractor. The Arm-Evac 150 captures hazardous fumes locally and is suitable for benchtop soldering and electronic rework applications as well as handheld machining operations and light, limited use of solvents, adhesives and other light and medium duty industrial applications. The low-cost Arm-Evac 150 Fume Extraction System comes complete with a self-supporting SteadyFlex ESD-Safe Arm/Nozzle assembly, Wireless Remote Control and 3-stage Filter Cartridge … everything you need to set up one operator.

PACE will also showcase the TF 1800 BGA Rework System, which incorporates a groundbreaking and recently patented top-side Inductive-Convection heater, resulting in faster throughput and greater process control. PACE’s ADS200 will also be demonstrated at the show. The ADS200 is a high power (120 Watts), yet low-cost professional soldering station for serious cell-phone repairers, electronics techs, engineers, DIYers & production solder techs.

Finally, we will be previewing our new MT-200 MiniTweez Thermal Tweezer for SMT rework. The MT-200 provides safe, rapid removal of components in a simple one-handed operation, and can easily remove D-PAKs, SOICs, TSOPs and a variety of chip sizes including 0201's. The handpiece is scheduled for production and availability in early January.

For more information, come to Hall A Booth #500 at Productronica or visit our website at