Cir-Kit Master Version

Terms and Definitions

Process guides covering basic knowledge such as tip selection, tip preparation, land preparation, etc.

Addresses critical maintenance and troubleshooting steps to keep you and your equipment working at top performance and efficiency.

PCB assemblies may be damaged during faulty soldering or component removal; or from component failure, improper handling or usage.  Cir-Kit provides a practical solution for restoring the operational reliability to damaged assemblies or the means for modifying circuitry as desired.  The Advanced Cir-Kit contains the following:

Eyelet 1347-0013 x 100 pcs

Eyelet 1347-0016 x 100 pcs

Funnelet 1347-0007 x 100 pcs

Funnelet 1347-0009 x 100 pcs

Funnelet 1347-0010 x 100 pcs

Funnelet 1347-0051 x 100 pcs

Funnelet 1347-0053 x 100 pcs

Abrasive Stick 1129-0014-P10

Adhesive Kit 1239-0011-P1

Cir-Kit Pad Frame 1200-0070-P1

Edge Connector frame 1200-0071-P1

Cir-Kit Straight Run Frame 1200-0074-P1

Cir-Kit D.I.P. Frame 1200-0072-P1

Cir-Kit Variety (Angles, T's, Pads) 1200-0073-P1

Setting Tool Assembly 6000-0051-P1

Setting Tool Guide Assembly 6000-0054-P1

Edge Connector Clamp Assembly 6000-0130-P1 

Funnelet Support Tool 1332-0017-P1

Support Tool Base 1321-0054-P1

120 V Part #: 6993-0082      NSN: 5895-01-241-5342
230 V Part #: 6993-0082      NSN: 5895-01-241-5342



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