Cleanroom Combo Filter for Arm Evac 105, 150 200 and 250 Fume Extractors

Terms and Definitions

Optional 3-part combination cartridge filter for Arm-Evac 105, Arm0Evac 150, Arm-Evac 200 and Arm-Evac 250 Fume Extraction central filtration units. This filter has PACE's highest filter efficiency rating (The filter has an efficiency rating of 99.99%) and is recommended for applications in cleanroom environments or where high filtration efficiency is required. Incorporates Pre-filter (see replacement part number 8883-0112-P5), Primary Particle Filter and Gas Filter and is manufactured from non-plastic, eco-friendly materials that can be safely disposed of or recycled without processing.

Replaces discontinued PACE PN 8883-0921-P1.

120 V Part #: 8883-0922-P1
230 V Part #: 8883-0922-P1



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