SX-100 Sodr-X-Tractor (SensaTemp, Black Connector)

Terms and Definitions

A Better Way to Desolder

PACE revolutionized the electronics industry in the 60's by creating the first self-contained continuous vacuum desoldering system. Now PACE has taken the best desoldering handpiece on the planet and made it better! The SX-100 Solder Extractor has been improved so that is does not clog! SX-100 Desoldering HandpieceThe modular heater has been re-engineered to transfer heat better through the length of new SX-100 Tips. SX-100 Desolder Tips will not clog because the isolated hot solder path is designed to stay well above solder melt temperature, preventing even Lead-Free solder from solidifying. Designed for high volume desoldering operations, the SX-100 features an environmentally friendly/disposable collection chamber to maximize productivity. When the filter is full, just pull out the chamber, pop out the old filter and replace with a new one - all within 15 seconds! If you prefer, the SX-100 can also be used with a re-cleanable glass chamber (included). New 2 and 4-sided Pik-Tips allow safe, rapid reflow and removal of a wide variety of TSOP's, QFP's and Flatpacks. Pik-Tips are designed to reflow all the leads on the component simultaneously and incorporate a unique vacuum pick. Once reflowed, the vacuum is activated and the component is lifted off the PCB. Black Connector version: for use with SensaTemp compatible systems only (PRC 2000, MBT 250 and older PACE stations).

SX-100 Desoldering Handpiece montage

Advanced Handpiece Features
  • Laser-trimmed, Platinum RTD Temperature Sensor is 5 times more accurate than conventional thermocouples.
  • Tip and Heater has been redesigned, does not clog!
  • Widest range of standard, precision and long reach desoldering tips available, including 2 and 4-sided Pik-Tips.
  • Flo-D-Sodr desoldering tips available for safe removal of excess surface solders, excellent for BGA pad clean-up.
  • Disposible Flux/Sodr Trap or re-usable Glass Chamber can be swiftly replaced in 15 seconds.
  • Modular heater design, remove/install plug-in heater in 2 minutes flat. No wires, no calibration, no hassle!
  • ESD-safe, rugged and durable construction.
  • Only fits on SensaTemp compatible stations that utilize Black Connectors (e.g.: PRC 2000, MBT 250)
120 V Part #: 6010-0106-P1      NSN: 3439-01-476-0901
230 V Part #: 6010-0106-P1      NSN: 3439-01-476-0901