TD-100A Tip-Heater Cartridge Soldering Iron with Instant SetBack

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Introducing the NEW TD-100A Aluminum Tip-Heater Cartridge Iron!

The new TD-100A Ergonomic Soldering Iron replace the TD-100 Soldering Iron handpiece as standard in the MBT 301 and MBT 350 Solder, Desolder and Rework Stations. The TD-100A maintains the comfort and feel of the original handpiece yet contains many enhancements. Slim and lightweight, the handpiece dramatically reducs grip stress and operator fatigue, enhancing productivity.



TD-100A Cool Touch™ Grip

Aluminum handle stays cool and comfortable even during extended production use.






Ultra-Short Tip-to-Grip

The TD-100A's tip-to-grip length (under 1.9"/48mm) allows for precision operator dexterity when used under a microscope or magnifier. 




Intelliheat™ Compatible and Now Comes Standard with the MBT 301 and MBT 350


The TD-100A is available as an optional replacement handpiece for all other Intelliheat-controlled Soldering Staions, including the ST 30, ST 50, ST 70, ST 100 and WJS 100.


Over 100 Tip-Heater Cartridges Available at a Low Price!

The TD-100A works with all current Black (PNs beginning with 1124- and 1126-) and Gold Series (PNs beginning with 1128-) Tip Heater Cartridges.

Click on the links below to view available Tip-Heater Cartridges

1124 Standard Tips               1124 SMT & Specialty Tips               1126 Diamond Tips               1128 Gold Series Tips

Instant SetBack Cubby


The Instant SetBack Cubby (ISB) automatically lowers the temperature when the TD-200 is placed in the stand. This will greatly increase tip life as well as save energy. 

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120 V Part #: 6993-0319-P1
230 V Part #: 6993-0319-P1



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