PS-90 Universal Soldering Iron (IntelliHeat)

Terms and Definitions

High Capacity Soldering Iron uses Economical Tips!

The PS-90 is excellent for general purpose and heavy-duty soldering and SMT rework operations where high thermal capacity and flexibility are required. The Iron provides a wide range of SMD and Thru-Hole installation and removal capability as well as unsurpassed thermal performance on heavy, multilayer Thru-Hole assemblies at safe, lower working temperatures. A variety of 3/16" shank, quick change Thru-Hole and SMD tips, for chip components, SOT's, SOIC's and other components, are available (supplied separately). And at about $7 (US) each, long-lasting PS-90 Tips are very inexpensive!

IntelliHeat Version with blue connector: only works on PACE MBT 301, MBT 350, ST 30, ST 50, ST 65, ST 75, ST 100 & other IntelliHeat compatible systems. Tips not included.

PS90 Soldering Iron Tips and applications

120 V Part #: 6010-0150-P1      NSN: 3439-01-578-7717
230 V Part #: 6010-0150-P1      NSN: 3439-01-578-7717