ST25 Soldering Station with PS-90 High Capacity Soldering Iron

ST25 Soldering Station with PS-90 High Capacity Soldering Iron

The ST 25 is an economical, yet ruggedized soldering system with simplified dial control featuring SensaTemp closed loop temperature technology. Designed for ease of use, there is no programming or complicated controls to worry about ... just turn a dial to the temperature you need and you're ready to solder. A color-coded diode tells you when you've hit the target temperature.

SensaTemp maximizes heat delievery at safe, low temperatures resulting in unparalleled temperature accuracy and stability to meet the most stringent military and commercial standards.

  • Features
    SensaTemp Control Technology
    Simplified analog temperature dial with C°/F° Temperature Scales
    Temperature Adjustment Lockout
    Tip & Tool Stand with Sponge, Stay-Moist Well, non-abrasive Brass Wool to clean oxidation from tip, holds up to 6 tips
    Completely ESD/EOS safe; ESD Grounding jack
    Auto-Off Safety System
    Durable aluminum extrusion housing incorporates "T-Slots" for mounting
    Can be mounted under bench or shelf with optional Bracket pn 1321-0609-P1
    ST 25 and its parts and tips are available via NSN
  • More Information

    High Capacity PS-90 Soldering Iron uses Economical Tips!

    PS-90 Tips and applications

    PS-90 IronThe ST 25 is equipped with the venerable PS-90 Universal Soldering Iron, used on such legendary PACE systems  as the MBT 250 and PRC 2000. The PS-90 is excellent for general purpose and heavy-duty soldering and SMT rework operations where high thermal capacity and flexibility are required. The Iron provides a wide range of SMD and Thru-Hole installation and removal capability as well as unsurpassed thermal performance on heavy, multilayer Thru-Hole assemblies at safe, lower working temperatures. A variety of 3/16" shank, quick change Thru-Hole and SMD tips, for chip components, SOT's, SOIC's and other components, are available (supplied separately). And at about $7 each, long-lasting PS-90 Tips are very inexpensive! Operators are not locked into a single temperature like Metcal, Easy Braid or Thermaltronics, which require a separate (and very expensive) tip to be purchased for each temperature desired!